Ceylon Cinnamon (True Cinnamon)
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Ceylon Cinnamon (True Cinnamon)

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Origin: Sri Lanka

This is not the predominant spice typically sold as cinnamon in North America. What is commonly found at your grocery is a closely related and less expensive variety called Cassia Cinnamon.

Cassia contains high levels of coumarine, a naturally occurring substance which has the potential to damage the liver in high doses, whereas Ceylon Cinnamon contains only traces of coumarone.

Flavour: Light and delicate compared to regular Cassia Cinnamon, and far less spicy which may make it preferable for flavouring desserts and lighter dishes.

Benefits: Serves as an anti-bacterial agent. Improves blood lipid profiles. Serves as an anti-inflammatory. Protects against various forms of cardiovascular and coronary artery disease.

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